Here’s How To Have the Best Team Building Event Ever

If you work in the corporate world, you’ve probably been to a team building event or two during your career. Maybe it was a ropes course, a casino night, or some goofy games night that had knock-off versions of Wheel of Fortune or Family Feud. It’s also likely that you didn’t have much fun at those events. Now, there’s a fresh new face to team building events, and it’s all about escaping. Not escaping the office at 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon without your boss noticing, as much fun as that would be. We’re talking about one of the hottest new entertainment trends, escape rooms.

What Is An Escape Room?

What’s an escape room? It’s basically a collaborative adventure or puzzle. Together with friends and loved ones, or fellow employees, you are literally locked in a room until you solve the mystery or figure out the puzzle.

Escape rooms have a wide variety of themes. In some, you have to overpower zombies. In others, you’re solving an old-fashioned whodunnit, Sherlock Holmes style. Sometimes the object of the escape room is to defuse a bomb, use your espionage powers to steal government secrets, or find a missing person. What they have in common is that there are riddles, clues, puzzles, and other problems to solve, together.


What Makes Escape Rooms Good For Team Building?

So why are team building escape rooms adventures so good for an office department?

First, they inspire collaboration. No one person is going to be able to solve all of the clues. By working together, brainstorming, and riffing on each others’ ideas, everyone can bring something to the table. A creative thinker from the graphic design department might think of a problem in a new way, while Jeff in Accounting can tally up any figures that need to be added.

This collaborative nature means that no one worker will hog the spotlight, and everyone gets a chance to participate. It will also help people realize that collaboration in the office is possible, too.

Escape rooms are also great icebreakers for teams that might not interact much in day to day office life. During the process of solving the riddles in order to escape, participants will learn about one another, share some laughs, and bond over this common problem.

Again, they’re more likely to take their newfound friendliness back to work with them, which can help facilitate business communication.

Creative problem solving is another benefit of escape rooms. By watching how others’ brains work when confronted with a problem, there’s a better chance that your approaches to less-than-ideal situations may become more creative, too.

Lastly, these adventures are just plain fun. Especially if things are tense at work due to financial problems or a busy season, heading out to solve an escape room riddle as a team can allow employees to blow off steam. When employees are more relaxed, the morale of the entire office will improve.

Instead of turning to the same old boring corporate retreat or trust falls, try an escape room adventure for your next team building event.